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FTC Cracking Down on Brokers Who Deal in Health Data

A topic that is becoming more and more prominent in all industries and especially within healthcare is big data.  With the move from a paper-based transactional society to an ever-increasing digital one, a byproduct of all of these bits and bytes is an accumulation of massive amounts of data.  What does all this data contain?  And more importantly, who owns it?  This article talks about how the Federal government through the FTC is cracking down on some of these brokers.

Health Technology Innovations: Sci-Fi or Coming to Your Provider Soon?

At the WEDI National Conference held in Hollywood, CA a few weeks ago, one of the most interesting keynote presentations was around the future of healthcare technology innovations that are in conceptual form and very much out in the marketplace today.  Dr. Yan Chow, a physician who works in Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Center in Oakland, CA, gave a fascinating and Star Trek-esque presentation about all kinds of technology including 3D printers used to ‘create’ organs for transplants, pill-sized sensors that are swallowed and can give a true insider’s view as to what’s going on inside a body, as well as different wearable devices that include a Google contact lens that can detect the glucose level in a diabetic person’s tears to determine whether it is within normal levels.  The data can then be transmitted to the person’s provider or EHR.  (Anyone see another HIPAA transaction for medical device information on the horizon?)

How cool is that???

While Dr. Chow’s presentation was not available as a soft copy, here is an article that dives into some of these topics and more.

50 Shades of ACOs

Accountable Care Organizations (or ACOs) has become a buzz word(s?) for the healthcare world in recent years.  This shift from fee for service to fee for value medicine has seen an increase in ACOs.  However, there’s not a one size fits all (or even most) when it comes to how ACOs are conceived and implemented.  Read more about the challenges as well as some real life examples.

CMS to Provider More ICD-10 Related Information on June 4 National Provider Call

CMS regularly conducts outreach specifically targeted to the provider community throughout the year during the course of MLN (Medicare Learning Network) National Provider Calls.  The call scheduled for June 4th will be review ICD-10 coding basics for physician groups and will be conducted by an ICD-10 certified trainer, Sue Bowman.  What is interesting in this announcement letter are:

“HHS expects to release an interim final rule in the near future that will include a new compliance date that would require the use of ICD-10 beginning October 1, 2015.”

“…along with updates from CMS.”

A question and answer session will follow the presentation.”

Read here for more information and to register for this call.