Monthly Archives: September 2014

Value Based Payment Arrangements and What Providers Might Want to Know

Value based payments such as ACOs and other pay for performance that differs from the usual capitated or fee for service arrangement is catching on like fire in the past few years.  It is integral for providers to become engaged and be a part of this movement in order for all of us to know if it is going to help control costs and offer better patient outcomes.  But what is it that providers should really know about this before they agree to be a part of it?  This interesting article from the 3M HIS blog gives some good insight.

Is the AppleWatch a Game Changer for Healthcare and Health IT?

Some of us Applephiles (if there is such a word but I think it’s an accurate descriptor to those who love all things Apple), were eagerly awaiting the announcement of what in the world Apple was unveiling last week.  In addition to the new (and larger) versions of the iPhone, there is also to be an Apple smart watch that is available for sale.  Given Apple’s announcement last month of a developer’s kit to make mobile health apps easier to code in iOS and also their strategic partnership w/IBM, will this really change the face of healthcare and especially the health IT landscape?

ICD-10 and Ebola

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on ICD-10.  However, given the emergence of Ebola as a real public health threat in West Africa, I found this article interesting.  Did you know that there is not a specific diagnosis code for Ebola in ICD-9 (078.89, other specified diseases due to viruses) but in ICD-10 there is, A98.4, Ebola virus disease.