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Entering Stage Right on the EHR Stage: The FTC

Those of us who have been involved in health IT over the past few years knows that interoperability across our landscape has been challenging, to say the least.  HIE?  A mixed verdict for many reasons including private, public, opt-in/opt-out, differing standards, etc.  Since the EHR incentive program went into place a few years back and the implementation of the different Meaningful Use phases, EHRs usage is becoming more of a norm amongst American healthcare providers.  However, there isn’t a clear set of data standards the vendors must abide by for interoperability and data sharing.

That maybe changing now.

As mentioned previously, Epic is arguably the clear leader in having penetrated the provider market w/their EHR.  However, they have been dogged by grumblings that they do not play nicely with others in making their EHR interoperable with other vendors or data collectors.  That may change in the future w/the FTC investigating this.  Read more here.

Ebola and Health IT: Where Operationalization of Health IT and a Deadly Virus Meet

Unless you have been hiding in the woods somewhere with no link to the outside world, we all know about the burgeoning threat of the Ebola outbreak and how a confirmed case of this deadly virus is now in the U.S.

How did this happen?

Well, there seems to be many lapses that occurred, including the afflicted patient allegedly not being truthful on an exit questionnaire as he flew out of Liberia.  The second major misstep seems to have occurred in the Texas hospital’s EMR workflow after the patient was brought into the Emergency Department.  

This brings up an interesting point that a lot of us that have worked on systems implementations and migrations over the years in healthcare.  The bits and the bytes of technology can only serve to support the operations of the customers (the business units) and not vice versa.