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Misinterpreting HIPAA Privacy and Security

Do people really know what HIPAA privacy and security regulations really mean?  It seems that many healthcare organizations are erring on the side of caution and not giving out information even in matters of life or death but is that a good thing?  Read this article that dives into some examples of this kind of misunderstanding and real world implications.



Oscar Health is Coming to California State Exchange in 2016

Oscar Health, a new health plan startup that advertises itself on being different from traditional payers, is coming to the California HIX in 2016 into the Orange County and Los Angeles markets.  This is a big win for the newbie insurer who thus far is only in the New York market and has 40,000 members.  However, Wall Street is bullish on this tech-style startup health plan giving it a valuation of $1.5 billion.

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Not Everyone is Happy About Large Payer Mergers

With the ever-increasing consolidation with payers recently ( Anthem/Cigna, Aetna/Humana), not everyone is thrilled to bits, especially providers.  the American Hospital Association (AHA) has submitted a letter to the Justice Department voicing their anti-competitive concerns.

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