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Will Tennessee Allow for ACA Medicaid Expansion?

When the Affordable Care Act first rolled out a few years ago, several states (and large on partisan lines) rejected the federal government’s call for states to adopt Medicaid expansion.  However, this has started to change as hospital and religious organizations lobby state legislators to change this.  Tennessee is one of the states that is looking to expand Medicaid if (and that’s a big if) they can get it passed by their state legislators.

Read more here on the previous proposal that was rejected and the current one to replace it.

What Would Steve Jobs Do if He Were in Healthcare…..

It is no secret that Steve Jobs made a huge impact on how we go about doing routine tasks today.  For example, receiving a (cell) phone call, watching tv shows and movies (iTunes), and listening to music (iPod).  What would he have said about the healthcare industry?  Here is an interesting interview of someone who had the fortune of meeting him.