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NC Changing Medicaid Methodologies to Get More Predictable Spend Along w/Better Quality of Care

In an ever-changing sign of the times away from fee for service (FFS) payment models, NC has announced its intention to move away from FFS and to a blend of managed care and ACOs to help lawmakers come up with a more predictable way to measure Medicaid expenditures.  Will other states follow?

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CMS’ 2014 ACO Results Are In. Conclusion: Implementing New Payment Models Are Challenging

As a key part of the ACA. CMS made healthcare payment innovation a cornerstone of the bill.  After a few years of implementing this, the results are in.  For 2014, CMS had a $3 million loss instead of savings.

This goes to show healthcare innovation and reform especially payment model innovations need a bit more time.  As the saying goes, an aircraft carrier can’t turn on a dime.  With the complexity and size of the US healthcare system, we are truly a massive organization that needs a wide turning radius.

Rethinking Business as Usual in Healthcare Payment: An Idea Whose Time Has Arrived?

I’ve already written previous blog posts regarding alternative payment models including ACOs.  Here is a nice article that dives a little more into some recent ACO activities and some positive outcomes from some ACOs around the country including impacts to population health.

What are your thoughts?