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Not Everyone is Happy About Large Payer Mergers

With the ever-increasing consolidation with payers recently ( Anthem/Cigna, Aetna/Humana), not everyone is thrilled to bits, especially providers.  the American Hospital Association (AHA) has submitted a letter to the Justice Department voicing their anti-competitive concerns.

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It’s Official: Aetna Makes a Play to Acquire Humana

Remember a few months ago when I posted about some Wall Street grumblings that Aetna might make a play to buy Humana and/or Cigna?  Well, it looks like it’s true.  Aetna and Humana have announced plans to merge.

With Anthem trying to woo Cigna (their first offer was rejected a few weeks ago), who will make it down to the altar first?

PA’s Medicaid Expansion Alternative Gets Interest from Health Insurers

Pennsylvania is one of 4 states that elected for Medicaid expansion but in an alternative fashion.  (Arkansas, Iowa, and Michigan are the other three).  CMS has not yet approved of this expansion, to be named Healthy Pennsylvania, that would assist beneficiaries w/subsidized premiums.  This is getting closer to reality w/private insurers ranging from Independence Blue Cross, Geisinger, and Aetna expressing interest in covering members in areas throughout the entire state.  Read more here.