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More Signs Prove Bad News for Anthem-Cigna Merger

In what is looking more like an acrimonious divorce rather than a joyful wedding, a federal judge has ordered Anthem and Cigna to turn over ‘alleged documents’ that show breeches to the terms of the merger.  Cigna allegedly doesn’t feel Anthem is adequately preparing for the trial against the federal government that is to begin shortly.

This is reminding me more of War of the Roses but before the two parties even walk down the aisle.  If by some miracle this merger goes through, I can’t imagine there could be any ‘happily ever after’ that could come of this.

Subpoena Requested for Information Related to Cleanup after Massive Anthem Cyberattack Breach

In what is most likely the beginning of several lawsuits related to the massive data breach at Anthem, plaintiffs are asking for audits conducted at Anthem by the federal government and a private firm hired by Anthem right after the breach occurred.  Plaintiff’s attorneys are looking for information that point to vulnerabilities and weaknesses in Anthem’s IT infrastructure that led to millions of member’s information including date of birth, SSN, and potentially claims-related data being stolen and later used for fraudulent activity.

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Medical Payers by Total Enrollment

We all know the big names in the health insurance market but do we know how many millions of members they cover?  This article breaks it down by the top 10 payers:

1. United Healthcare — 47.53 million members

2. Anthem (Indianapolis) — 33.99 million members

3. Aetna (Hartford, Conn.) — 19.96 million members

4. Cigna (Bloomfield, Conn.) — 14.03 million members

5. Humana (Louisville, Ky.) — 9.66 million members

6. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (Chicago) — 8.09 million members

7. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan (Oakland, Calif.) — 7.81 million members

8. Health Net (Los Angeles) — 6.12 million members

9. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (Richardson) — 5.02 million members

10. Centene (St. Louis) — 4.51 million members