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Where is Healthcare IT Going in 2015? Some Predictions…….

After the New Year’s champagne has been toasted, where will 2015 find us in regards to health IT?  Some food for thought:

1) New companies playing in the healthcare sandbox such as Google and Apple.  Will Siri take on healthcare next in addition to directions to dinner?

2) Quality vs. Quantity of Data

3) Engaging the consumer more and more with tools to do so

4) Increasing use of Telemedicine

What are your predictions for 2015?  What would you like to see take off?

As 2014 Nears an End, What Do You Think the Top 10 Health IT Stories Were?

As 2015 is nearly upon us, it’s time for us to reflect on the past year and what has occurred throughout the year.  For healthcare, it’s been quite a bit of a ride.  Since I’ve been exclusively on an ICD-10 implementation since 2010, the major story of the year was the delay of the ICD-10 compliance date that was snuck into the SGR bill in March.  I would argue to say that blindsided all of us no matter what side of the provider/payer/vendor fence you are on.

According to Govhealthit.com, here are some of their top health IT stories of 2014 outside of the ICD-10 compliance date delay:

1) Prescriptive instead of predictive analytics

2) ONC 10 year operability roadmap

3) Epic is more interoperable than conventional wisdom allows

4) Apple/IBM partnership

What are your top health IT stories of 2014?


Is the AppleWatch a Game Changer for Healthcare and Health IT?

Some of us Applephiles (if there is such a word but I think it’s an accurate descriptor to those who love all things Apple), were eagerly awaiting the announcement of what in the world Apple was unveiling last week.  In addition to the new (and larger) versions of the iPhone, there is also to be an Apple smart watch that is available for sale.  Given Apple’s announcement last month of a developer’s kit to make mobile health apps easier to code in iOS and also their strategic partnership w/IBM, will this really change the face of healthcare and especially the health IT landscape?

iHealth? Apple to Make Push into Healthcare Technology

At a developer’s conference today, Apple is expected to make an announcement of the launch of a new health tracking application.  This app will likely pull from third-party sources and track activity information such as the number of steps, sleep, and heart rate.  Apple is also expected to announce a tool kit to make it easier for developers to create code that will interface more easily w/home appliances and other non-iOS entities.  (Apple is notorious for tightly controlling third-party access to their O/S ecosystem).

For those of us who are Apple fanatics, this could mean the opening of a new iWorld:  iScale, iSleep, iBed, iHospital, or iClinic??