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Have You Blue Buttoned?

No, I haven’t lost my mind or forgotten that this is not a Project Runway-type of fashion blog.  Blue Button is an initiative being promoted by Federal Government for consumers (ahem, you and me included) to access our personal health data from different healthcare entities including payers, providers, retail providers such as pharmacies, and government entities such as Veterans  Affairs and the Department of Defense.  The reasoning is that the more informed consumer (which is what patients are in the new healthcare landscape which is seen as a marketplace) will be a more empowered consumer.  This also ties in w/the different Meaningful Use initiatives, too, where the electronic sharing of health information will ultimately lead to better health outcomes at a lower cost for all.

Essentially, this is another mechanism for getting your personal health data.  Some of us may recall different versions of this over the years:  HealthVault by Microsoft; Health Manager by WebMD; and to a certain extent, MyChart by Epic (for patients whose providers use the Epic EMR system).

There still isn’t standardization of what data is contained w/in the personal health record.  (Not yet, anyway).  Do you see this as being the next HIPAA required transaction?