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Will California Be the First State to Offer a Public Insurance Option?

In what is a first, the California Insurance Commissioner has come out to support offering a public option for its citizens.  This is in response to several insurers pulling out of the insurance exchanges and many regions where consumers have either no choice of payer or a very limited number.

In this left-leaning state, is there enough political capital in Sacramento to make this happen?

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In a First, CA ACA Exchange Proposes to Remove Poor Performing Hospitals from Network

California is no stranger to being the first in tighter regulations across industries.  (The Clean Air Act and tighter car-emissions are immediately coming to mind).  In a first for the United States, a proposal has emerged to remove poor performing hospitals in quality indicators from the Covered California exchange policy networks.  This is not popular with either providers (no surprise there) or payers.

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Covered California and United Health CEO Have Drastically Different Views on United’s Exit from CA HIX

United Health Care expressed concern about insuring members enrolled in ACA-related plans citing deep flaws in the Affordable Care Act.  However, the head of the California exchange had harsh words for United, essentially rebuking this view.  Read more here. 

Oscar Health is Coming to California State Exchange in 2016

Oscar Health, a new health plan startup that advertises itself on being different from traditional payers, is coming to the California HIX in 2016 into the Orange County and Los Angeles markets.  This is a big win for the newbie insurer who thus far is only in the New York market and has 40,000 members.  However, Wall Street is bullish on this tech-style startup health plan giving it a valuation of $1.5 billion.

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