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CVS is Partnering w/Telemedicine Vendors

CVS has been on a roll lately changing their business model from one of selling snacks, batteries, and pharmacy items to one that is looking more and more like an integrated health system.  They have recently announced a strategic partnership w/several telemedicine providers as a service in their relation shops.  Read more here.

IBM’s Watson to be Used w/CVS Consumer Data to Help w/Chronic Disease Identification and Management

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare where technology is intersecting more and more, IBM’s Watson will be mining CVS’ mass trove of data including medical information to help identify members that might benefit from potential chronic disease intervention:

1) Helping to predict individuals at risk for declining health who may benefit from proactive, customized engagement programs
2) Encouraging patients to adopt safe and healthy behaviors, including adherence to prescribed medicines and healthy lifestyle regimens
3) Suggesting appropriate use of cost-effective primary care and outpatient providers.

Read more here.

CVS Health System: May Not Be Too Far Fetched of an Idea

Earlier this year, CVS announced it would stop selling tobacco-related products at all of it’s 7K plus stores nationwide. As of this morning, they have made good on their word.  Unless it is to help a person stop smoking (such as Nicorette or the nicotine patch), no tobacco will be sold.  At. All.

A few years back, CVS made the entry into being a health care provider when they opened up Minute Clinics, nurse practitioner/nurse run clinics to treat minor ailments in its’ stores.  It has now grown to 900 locations.  With new initiatives becoming more widespread such as Medical Homes and also Medical Neighborhoods, the business of wellness has bled (no pun intended) outside traditional brick and mortar providers.  Seeing how the US spends more on healthcare expenditures than defense (that’s a whole lot of money, y’all), more and more for-profit entities are entering this field to try to get a piece of this huge pie.

What is next for CVS?  Could they become an actual health system or even payer/provider like a Kaiser?