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Subpoena Requested for Information Related to Cleanup after Massive Anthem Cyberattack Breach

In what is most likely the beginning of several lawsuits related to the massive data breach at Anthem, plaintiffs are asking for audits conducted at Anthem by the federal government and a private firm hired by Anthem right after the breach occurred.  Plaintiff’s attorneys are looking for information that point to vulnerabilities and weaknesses in Anthem’s IT infrastructure that led to millions of member’s information including date of birth, SSN, and potentially claims-related data being stolen and later used for fraudulent activity.

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Ransomware Alert! Think Twice Before You Open a Word Document Attached to an Email

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and disguised as normal activities.  A seemingly innocuous email attachment could unleash a wave of malicious activity that permeates an entire organization’s IT infrastructure.  Rich sent this out to all associates but it’s worth mentioning again.

Think twice before opening an email and especially any attachments from a sender that you do not know.