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Subpoena Requested for Information Related to Cleanup after Massive Anthem Cyberattack Breach

In what is most likely the beginning of several lawsuits related to the massive data breach at Anthem, plaintiffs are asking for audits conducted at Anthem by the federal government and a private firm hired by Anthem right after the breach occurred.  Plaintiff’s attorneys are looking for information that point to vulnerabilities and weaknesses in Anthem’s IT infrastructure that led to millions of member’s information including date of birth, SSN, and potentially claims-related data being stolen and later used for fraudulent activity.

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You’ve Been Hacked. How You Respond Maybe More Important than Preventing it from Happening Again

As more and more of our healthcare is computerized including being moved to the Cloud, that also  increases exposure to cyber-intrusion.  We have seen that more and more across all sectors of our personal and professional lives—-credit card companies, retailers, federal government, and myriad other organizations.  And as we might also remember from these is it’s important on how the breached organization responds to the intrusion almost as much as to preventing it from occurring in the first place.  This article lists some key things to consider when this happens.