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Have You Thought of This? Some Other Types of Not as Well Known Healthcare Related Security Concerns

As you have seen from the increasing cyber-security related posts on this blog, data breaches and hacks into healthcare related entities are growing at an alarming rate.  Those are primarily breaches into organizations such as payers and providers accessing patient/member information.  What about the security of biomedical devices?  To me, this is even scarier.  On an earlier season of the Showtime Series “Homeland”, this was a pivotal plot line.  Terrorists were able to hack into the Vice President’s pacemaker and cause it to fail.

Does this seem too far-fetched in real life to occur?  I don’t think so anymore and we all should be deeply concerned.

HIT’s Hottest New Position to Fill: CISO. Who Are They and What Is It They Do?

What exactly are CISO’s?  Wait-what do these letters stand for?  Chief Information Security Officer.  Essentially, the leader that is over the entire organization’s information architecture, framework, and ensures all of these are safe from intrusion.  it’s no wonder this is a high in demand part of healthcare given the enormous data breaches that seemingly occurs on an all too frequent with real financial penalties as well as other tangible and non-tangible costs.

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Weak Passwords are Easy to Remember but Can Wreak alot of Havoc: Lesson from Anthem Hack

News emerged late last week that Anthem, the nation’s second largest insurer, experienced a massive cyber security breach that potentially put records of their members and employees in the hands of hackers.  While it is unknown what kinds of information such as claims and other health related data was exposed, it was one of largest data breaches as of date.

Today, this article revealed the preliminary reason on why this occurred: weak password protection.  I know it’s a pain to try to keep up w/the myriad different password requirements by different systems and websites, this latest hack is a sobering reminder that most organizations big and small have some sort of vulnerability that those w/nefarious intentions are waiting to exploit.