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As Payers Merge, Feds Keep an Eye Out for Anti-Trust, Competition

As mentioned in a recent post, Cigna has-for now-spurned Anthem’s advances for acquisition.  Along the way, the Federal Trade Commission and The Justice Department will be keeping a close eye on this and any deal that will most definitely impact the healthcare landscape.  If the Anthem deal goes through, it would make it the country’s largest insurer with over 53 million covered lives, well surpassing the current market leader, United who has 46 million members.

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Entering Stage Right on the EHR Stage: The FTC

Those of us who have been involved in health IT over the past few years knows that interoperability across our landscape has been challenging, to say the least.  HIE?  A mixed verdict for many reasons including private, public, opt-in/opt-out, differing standards, etc.  Since the EHR incentive program went into place a few years back and the implementation of the different Meaningful Use phases, EHRs usage is becoming more of a norm amongst American healthcare providers.  However, there isn’t a clear set of data standards the vendors must abide by for interoperability and data sharing.

That maybe changing now.

As mentioned previously, Epic is arguably the clear leader in having penetrated the provider market w/their EHR.  However, they have been dogged by grumblings that they do not play nicely with others in making their EHR interoperable with other vendors or data collectors.  That may change in the future w/the FTC investigating this.  Read more here.

FTC Cracking Down on Brokers Who Deal in Health Data

A topic that is becoming more and more prominent in all industries and especially within healthcare is big data.  With the move from a paper-based transactional society to an ever-increasing digital one, a byproduct of all of these bits and bytes is an accumulation of massive amounts of data.  What does all this data contain?  And more importantly, who owns it?  This article talks about how the Federal government through the FTC is cracking down on some of these brokers.