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The Google Contact Lens Just Got One Step Closer to Reality

A few months ago, I posted this article about some of the health technology innovations that seem very sci-fi may very well be coming to reality in the near future.  On Tuesday, the Google contact lens that can measure glucose in tears just got one step closer to reality.  Google announced a deal w/drug maker Novartis to license this smart lens technology.



Health Technology Innovations: Sci-Fi or Coming to Your Provider Soon?

At the WEDI National Conference held in Hollywood, CA a few weeks ago, one of the most interesting keynote presentations was around the future of healthcare technology innovations that are in conceptual form and very much out in the marketplace today.  Dr. Yan Chow, a physician who works in Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Center in Oakland, CA, gave a fascinating and Star Trek-esque presentation about all kinds of technology including 3D printers used to ‘create’ organs for transplants, pill-sized sensors that are swallowed and can give a true insider’s view as to what’s going on inside a body, as well as different wearable devices that include a Google contact lens that can detect the glucose level in a diabetic person’s tears to determine whether it is within normal levels.  The data can then be transmitted to the person’s provider or EHR.  (Anyone see another HIPAA transaction for medical device information on the horizon?)

How cool is that???

While Dr. Chow’s presentation was not available as a soft copy, here is an article that dives into some of these topics and more.