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Medicaid State Agency CIOs: Rethinking Sustaining Funding for Health IT Projects

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, SMAs (State Medicaid Agencies) are tasked w/the ever-growing demands of maintaining legacy systems while keeping up to date w/current operational demands that require more agility than aging computer systems and architecture currently allow.  As with any governmental entity, the question of funding inevitably comes up.  Who the heck is going to pay for all of this?  This blog article from the 3M Health Information blog brings up some good points that were gleaned from a conference back in March.

What are your thoughts?

iHealth? Apple to Make Push into Healthcare Technology

At a developer’s conference today, Apple is expected to make an announcement of the launch of a new health tracking application.  This app will likely pull from third-party sources and track activity information such as the number of steps, sleep, and heart rate.  Apple is also expected to announce a tool kit to make it easier for developers to create code that will interface more easily w/home appliances and other non-iOS entities.  (Apple is notorious for tightly controlling third-party access to their O/S ecosystem).

For those of us who are Apple fanatics, this could mean the opening of a new iWorld:  iScale, iSleep, iBed, iHospital, or iClinic??