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ONC Coordinator DeSalvo Leaves to Join Ebola Fight

During the WEDI Fall Conference held last week in Reston, VA, I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. DeSalvo, give a presentation about the state of health IT interoperability.  Shortly after this talk on Tuesday, a press release announced her immediate resignation from the ONC post to join the HHS Ebola Response team and will report directly to Secretary Burwell.

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HHS to Provide $840 Million for Doctors More Effectively Leverage EHRs in Changing Landscape

By now, we all know EHR adoption by providers and hospitals was heavily ‘encouraged’ (e.g. monetary incentives awarded) to get providers away from paper and onto using EHRs in their practice.  While Meaningful Use Stages 1-2 addresses different aspects of this, HHS has recently announced another angle to get providers to better use the EHRs towards the progress of the following measurable goals:  improving clinical outcomes, reducing unnecessary testing, achieving cost savings, and avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations.

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Way: HHS Announces Code-a-Palooza Winner for Health IT Developer Contest

When I read this article, I thought of Wayne’s World, the Saturday Night Live sketch from the 1990’s.  (Arguably the hey day of this show, in my humble opinion).  Way?!  No waaaaay!

Code-a-palooza, a joint venture by the Office of the National Coordinator, CMS, and Health Data Consortium, was intended to open up innovation in health information.  The one this year was to specifically utilize 2012 Medicare paid claims data to create an innovative and visual way for consumers to help consumers with their health-related decision-making process.  (This all ties in w/the changing in the schema of how we think of healthcare, now couched as a consumer-driven marketplace where patients (consumers) shop for healthcare just like any other commodity or service).  

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