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Greetings from Sunny Arizona! WEDI’s National Spring Conference Is Underway.

The 24th annual WEDI Conference is well underway in the very sunny (and hot!) Scottsdale, AZ.  Many representatives from Axiom are on-site including Sales (Bill), the senior leadership team (Paul, Sandra, and Rich), and those from the Consulting Services division (Gina, Peggy, Satish).  And we can’t forget about Gigi from the Phoenix office, either!

There are a lot of good topics on hand ranging from (you guessed it!) ICD-10, HIE, FHIR, and privacy and security matters.  Stay tuned for future blog posts for conference highlights.

Payers and Providers Coming Together in Philly-Area to Make HIE Work

While HIEs (Health Information Exchanges) have struggled to get off the ground or once up and running to stay afloat, a partnership among Philadelphia, PA area clinics, hospitals, and payers are committed to making a metro-area wide HIE work for the better of patient care.  They even have an ambitious plan of connecting all providers in clinics and area hospitals to the HIE along w/participating health insurers.

Read more here.

HIEs: Is the Failure to Launch Due to Lack of HIT Interoperability or Purely Business Economics?

We’ve been hearing about HIEs for some time now.  What we haven’t heard much is any real success from it.  When I first started read about it back in 2008, it sounded like a no-brainer to me. And especially when it intersected with Meaningful Use and the move to EHRs?  A double-no brainer.  However, with the exception of isolated HIEs here and there, the concept hasn’t really gained much traction.  Why is that?  Most of the reasoning seemed to come from the lack of interoperability due to the lack of standardization of the myriad types of healthcare data—-claims, EHRs, lab, radiology, etc.  However, this article introduces another concept that maybe the real culprit in this failure to launch—it’s not a profitable business as of yet.

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree w/this Brookings Institute report or do you still believe that it lies squarely on the shoulders of interoperability issues?

Blue Shield of CA and WellPoint Partnering in CA HIE: Tipping Point?

HIEs are still struggling to take root and make a meaningful impact across the country.  It’s as if they are still trying to figure out their identity and their purpose for being.  WellPoint and Blue Shield of California have announced an $80 million dollar partnership to start an HIE in California for the benefit of providers, payers, and patients.  This hub is to contain de-identified claims and EHR data for the purposes of research as well as at the point of care.  (The latter has been a struggle for HIEs partly because most EHRs do not have a common shared format).

Will this provide the HIEs w/a much-needed boost and direction?  Will this be the model for other HIEs to finally coalesce in its place within healthcare?