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IBM’s Watson to be Used w/CVS Consumer Data to Help w/Chronic Disease Identification and Management

In the ever-changing landscape of healthcare where technology is intersecting more and more, IBM’s Watson will be mining CVS’ mass trove of data including medical information to help identify members that might benefit from potential chronic disease intervention:

1) Helping to predict individuals at risk for declining health who may benefit from proactive, customized engagement programs
2) Encouraging patients to adopt safe and healthy behaviors, including adherence to prescribed medicines and healthy lifestyle regimens
3) Suggesting appropriate use of cost-effective primary care and outpatient providers.

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Anthem’s $500 Million Move to the Cloud

With the changing IT landscape, many organizations both large and small are finding it more cost-effective and operationally better to store data on the cloud. ¬†Anthem recently announced a whopping $500 million contract w/IBM for a hybrid approach where there will be data stored on IBM’s cloud servers but also leave some data operations and storage at Anthem’s data centers.

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