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Kansas Medicaid Renewal Plans Slowed in Anticipation of 2017 Political Changes

In another trickle-down effect from the November elections, Kansas officials have signaled they are slowing down the yearly effort in renewing Medicaid contracts.  (Kansas privatizes at least a portion of their Medicaid business to private payers including Amerigroup).  This is in anticipation of potential changes to Medicaid funding and the ACA.

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Is Medicaid Overhaul in the New Administration a Done Deal?

One of the key policy ideas that the Republicans and the newly elected President has stated was to shrink the Medicaid rolls and turn it into more of a block grant program administered by the States.  This is not a new idea (been around for 25+ years) and is certain to face a battle from the providers, hospitals, and Democrats.

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Iowa’s Switch to Medicaid Managed Care: The Scorecard for the First 6 Months

Increasingly, states are moving to private payers to provide care for their Medicaid population.  Earlier this year, Iowa was one of the markets that went live w/three insurers (AmeriHealth, Amerigroup, and United Healthcare) that provided managed care for poor and disabled Iowans.  How is it going?  Two of the three payers are reporting significant losses (AmeriHealth-$42.6 million, Amerigroup-$66.7 million) while United has not yet reported financial data at this time.  All three payers have made signficant monetary investments to start-up the Iowa plans and put in necessary infrastructure, these losses suggest members are utilizing healthcare services more than anticipated and are also sicker.

The question remains whether moving to managed care contracts will actually save the state government money in the long run.  If these losses continue, it is extremely likely the insurers will attempt to renegotiate premium rates to further adjust to actual costs of servicing these members or could potentially pull out of Iowa all together.

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