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ONC Has Stern Words for EHR Vendors and Providers Who Are Hindering Efforts to Share Health IT Data

Much like an obstinate child who is not eager to share his toys while playing with others, the ONC has without naming names wagged their finger at EHR vendors and providers of ‘data hoarding’.  As our healthcare industry continues to evolve to be able to work in a digital and information-centric environment, there are still growing pains.

Do you think ONC was correct in their assessment?  What hurdles do you think providers and vendors legitimately have to not fully share data?

Senators Have Harsh Words for ONC and Interoperability Roadmap

A group of 5 republican senators have criticized the ONC and their draft of the interoperability roadmap for HIT.  (Public comments are open through April 3, 2015).  They specifically have called out the lack of interoperability as a key issue and is indicative of the lack of effort to show for this stimulus effort.

My reaction is after having worked on an ICD-10 implementation since 2010 and seeing how difficult it is to get such disparate and numerous entities in healthcare to comply in a mandatory compliance scenario, I am not surprised that it is taking longer than these lawmakers deem is necessary.

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree w/the senators or do you think they’re out of line?

As 2014 Nears an End, What Do You Think the Top 10 Health IT Stories Were?

As 2015 is nearly upon us, it’s time for us to reflect on the past year and what has occurred throughout the year.  For healthcare, it’s been quite a bit of a ride.  Since I’ve been exclusively on an ICD-10 implementation since 2010, the major story of the year was the delay of the ICD-10 compliance date that was snuck into the SGR bill in March.  I would argue to say that blindsided all of us no matter what side of the provider/payer/vendor fence you are on.

According to Govhealthit.com, here are some of their top health IT stories of 2014 outside of the ICD-10 compliance date delay:

1) Prescriptive instead of predictive analytics

2) ONC 10 year operability roadmap

3) Epic is more interoperable than conventional wisdom allows

4) Apple/IBM partnership

What are your top health IT stories of 2014?


ONC Coordinator DeSalvo Leaves to Join Ebola Fight

During the WEDI Fall Conference held last week in Reston, VA, I had the pleasure of listening to Dr. DeSalvo, give a presentation about the state of health IT interoperability.  Shortly after this talk on Tuesday, a press release announced her immediate resignation from the ONC post to join the HHS Ebola Response team and will report directly to Secretary Burwell.

Read more here.