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Population Health is Evolving in the Ever-Evolving Healthcare Landscape

With the changing healthcare environment, the traditional silos of the healthcare system (e.g. payers vs. providers) no longer works.  Whether these two typically opposing entities like it or not, they have to come together in order for the common goals of better healthcare and health outcomes along w/better quality and cost controls for everyone.  As we all live longer and have to deal with more chronic versus acute conditions, payers and providers have had to ramp up their respective population health programs.  In the past, it has been seen more from their particular vantage points from the payer/provider lens, but increasingly in shared-savings arrangements and landscape such as ACOs and Patient-Centered Medical Homes, these walls are coming down.  Read here how some of this is happening.

Will More Data Change Personal Health Behavior?

The increasing in use in technology for, well, EVERYTHING is also spilling over into healthcare and especially the individual person’s role within the healthcare continuum.  From all kinds of trackers (Nike FUEL band, Jawbone’s UP band, fitness apps for measure one’s runs or walks), we are becoming more and more comfortable with using technology for personal health matters.  What about all the data these devices and apps generate?  Will it make a meaningful impact in steering people towards healthier lifestyle decisions and health habits?  Will this make a dent ever rising healthcare costs?

Read this interesting article that talks about the ‘quantified self’ and possible impacts to the healthcare discussion.