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Breaking News: SGR Bill in Congress Devoid of Any Mention of ICD-10

The sun is shining through the window as I type this and for good reason:  the latest legislation to repeal the SGR (Sustainable Growth Rate) or what has been called the ‘Medicare Doc Fix’ does not have any mention of ICD-10 delay language (or ANY mention of ICD-10, in fact) in it.  This is a welcome sigh of relief to those of us (present company included) that has been diligently working on ICD-10 implementation projects for an eternity.


For more details, go here.

It May Just Happen: Congress May Finally Fix the Medicare “Doc Fix” SGR Issue Once and For All.

A little over a year ago, I had no idea how important the 3 letters ‘SGR’ would mean to ICD-10 compliance even though it had nothing to do w/this federal medical coding mandate.  As we would soon find out, it ended up being very important.  We all shortly found out the  Sustainable Growth Rate matter concerning automatic cuts to physician’s Medicare payments had for years been patched but the issue never resolved.  Finally, momentum may be mounting in Congress to finally get this resolved once and for all.

My fingers and toes are crossed that this legislation does not contain any further ICD-10 compliance delay language.  Do you share in my dream or do you scoff?

As 2014 Nears an End, What Do You Think the Top 10 Health IT Stories Were?

As 2015 is nearly upon us, it’s time for us to reflect on the past year and what has occurred throughout the year.  For healthcare, it’s been quite a bit of a ride.  Since I’ve been exclusively on an ICD-10 implementation since 2010, the major story of the year was the delay of the ICD-10 compliance date that was snuck into the SGR bill in March.  I would argue to say that blindsided all of us no matter what side of the provider/payer/vendor fence you are on.

According to Govhealthit.com, here are some of their top health IT stories of 2014 outside of the ICD-10 compliance date delay:

1) Prescriptive instead of predictive analytics

2) ONC 10 year operability roadmap

3) Epic is more interoperable than conventional wisdom allows

4) Apple/IBM partnership

What are your top health IT stories of 2014?