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Increasing Use of Telemedicine Kiosks in the Workplace

Employers and payers are coming up w/more and more innovative ways to get members access to care outside of traditional office/hospital visits.  The use of telemedicine is not new; however, telemedicine in kiosks placed in the workplace is.  There are some obviously immediate benefits:  employees don’t have to delay or not come into work to see a medical professional, faster access to care, and a more inexpensive option for payers and providers.

As technology enables swift changes to healthcare, will the payer-provider infrastructure keep pace?  For instance, will a new place of service code for ‘kiosk’ be added?  A new CPT code for ‘kiosk visit-routine evaluation’ be added?  How will the service be priced? Will EMRs be modified to allow patient registration and flow of clinical and patient information from this type of environment?

CVS is Partnering w/Telemedicine Vendors

CVS has been on a roll lately changing their business model from one of selling snacks, batteries, and pharmacy items to one that is looking more and more like an integrated health system.  They have recently announced a strategic partnership w/several telemedicine providers as a service in their relation shops.  Read more here.

The Doctor Will Now (Virtually) See You…..

With the confluence of technology and healthcare delivery becoming ever more wedded, the use of telemedicine has sharply increased.  (I recently even saw an episode of House Hunters International where an american doctor moved to Paris, France with her french-born husband and was looking for a two bedroom apartment where she could use the spare bedroom as her office where she remotely saw patients in a Maryland hospital).  I’ve often wondered how it would be to be a patient using this type of technology and also from the flip side as a physician practicing medicine this way.  This article gives some insight into this ever-growing field.

Where is Healthcare IT Going in 2015? Some Predictions…….

After the New Year’s champagne has been toasted, where will 2015 find us in regards to health IT?  Some food for thought:

1) New companies playing in the healthcare sandbox such as Google and Apple.  Will Siri take on healthcare next in addition to directions to dinner?

2) Quality vs. Quantity of Data

3) Engaging the consumer more and more with tools to do so

4) Increasing use of Telemedicine

What are your predictions for 2015?  What would you like to see take off?